City of Eugene Road Conditions


US101, Wheeler MP 48; Closure
A crash has occurred, use caution.
Updated: 08/16/2017 8:29 pm

ORE138, 22 miles East of Glide MP 39 - 54; Closure
The highway is closed due to a wildfire from milepost 39-54. Use alternate route.
Updated: 08/16/2017 8:07 pm

ORE138, 22 miles East of Glide MP 39 - 54; Closure
Highway 138 East is closed from mp 39 to mp 54 due to a wildfire. Use alternate route.
Updated: 08/16/2017 8:07 pm

US30, The Dalles MP 72; Closure with Detour
The Chenoweth Creek Bridge is closed for repair and paving 8/4-8/25. Use alternate route., During the closure, motorized traffic will be detoured via Exit 76, Rowena. Bicyclists and pedestrians should follow signed detour routes to The Dalles Waterfront Path. Please be aware of these delays and plan accordingly.
Updated: 08/16/2017 2:38 pm

Road Conditions by Route

ORE126 MP 1.34

Informational only; Commercial Vehicle Information
Details: OR126 Business MP 1.34 WB (Willamette River / Main St Bridge - Springfield) OR126 Business westbound crossing Willamette River / Main St Bridge is restricted to 20,000 lbs. single axle, 34,000 lbs. tandem axle - 105,500 lbs. GVW., Weight Table 2 for divisible loads; 21,500 lbs. single axle, 43,000 lbs. tandem axle, 98,000 lbs. GVW., Weight Table 3 for non-divisible loads.
Updated: 08/16/2017 7:01 pm

ORE126 MP 1.69 to 2.46

Informational only; Commercial Vehicle Information
Details: OR126 Business MP 1.69 to MP 2.46 EB & WB (Springfield) Effective August 26, 2017, this section of OR126 Business will be closed between the hours of 5 PM & 11 PM for one day only.
Updated: 08/16/2017 7:01 pm

ORE569 MP 11.38 to 11.67

No to Minimum Delay; Construction Work
Lanes Affected: (Westbound) 1 Lane (Eastbound) 1 Lane
Comments: Road construction is occurring causing no to minimum delays. Watch for construction equipment and workers in roadway. Use caution. Building a new bridge over I-5 to accommodate a reconfigured onramp Building a sound wall south of Beltline and east of Coburg Road Adding an additional lane on eastbound Beltline from Coburg Road to I-5 on ramp Extending the multi-use path for bike and pedestrian travelers. The multi-use path will be extended south, linking Harlow Road to North Garden Way Remarks: This is the last phase of a multi-year interchange project. Minimal delays during the day are expected. Travelers should expect distractions from off-road work in the area and be prepared for trucks entering and exiting the roadway. Night work is estimated to begin mid-August and may continue for several weeks, Monday through Thursday. Crews will be working on median barrier work and paving activities on Beltline. Motorists should expect single lane closures on eastbound and westbound Beltline during night work with crews present from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. The contractor will be constructing sound wall 3 and performing earthwork grading along eastbound Beltline. Drivers should use caution when traveling through the project site and pay attention to the 45 mph speed zone reduction on eastbound Beltline. Oregon State Police are enforcing the speed limit through the work zone area. This project is scheduled to be completed December 2017.
Updated: 08/06/2017 6:36 pm

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