Winter Road Maintenance Practices

ODOT winter maintenance practices include plowing, sanding and applying winter anti-icing liquid and salt. The combination of practices we use may vary to accommodate the different climate, traffic, and storm conditions.

ODOT's goal is to improve road conditions during and after a storm. However, the severity and duration of a storm, along with our staff resources, impact how quickly we can respond. For more details visit ODOT's winter maintenance practices page.

Driving in winter isn’t the same as driving at other times of the year. Conditions can change dramatically in just a short period of time or within just a few miles — or even just around the corner. It is always up to you – the motorist – to drive according to conditions, and we want you to be prepared. Before you head out, check the road conditions of your entire route. Focus on driving and limit distractions. Make sure you have supplies in your vehicle, should you get stuck.