TripCheck API

The TripCheck API is designed to provide developers with access to the data available on ODOT’s traveler information website, including incidents, cameras, message signs, weather stations, and more.

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Monitor Real-Time Operations Data

The TripCheck Data API gives you access to real-time traveler information and operations data from ODOT dispatch centers across Oregon.

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  • Traffic Incidents
  • Traffic Cameras
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Resource XSD Refresh Rate Description
CCTV Inventory  CctvInventory.xsd 24 hours  The CCTV Inventory datafeed provides an inventory of all available cameras currently displayed on TripCheck, along with an Internet URL that can be used to access the specific still camera image. Cameras may be ODOT owned and maintained or owned and maintained by a partner agency. 
CLS- Inventory  ClsInventory.xsd 10 minutes  Vehicle Length and Speed classifications for each Detector Station. This data defines what vehicle length values are being used for aggregation. The data is collected through web services on Automated Traffic Controllers (ATCs). 
CLS - Length  ClsLength.xsd 10 minutes  Length data aggregated by length classification for each detector station. The Bin Count represents the number of vehicles that passed the detector station in a 20 second period that fall into that particular length classification. 
CLS - Speed  ClsSpeed.xsd 10 minutes  Speed data aggregated by speed classification for each detector station. The Bin Count represents the speed of vehicles that passed the detector station in a 20 second period that fall into that particular speed classification. 
DMS Inventory  DmsInventory.xsd 24 hours  Name and Location of each Dynamic Message Sign on state highways or controlled by ODOT. 
DMS Status  DmsStatus.xsd 1 minute  Statewide Dynamic Message Sign (DMS) returns current message data for active signs in the State of Oregon.  
Incidents  Incidents.xsd 30 seconds  Current traffic incidents that are being reported on State Highways by ODOT – e.g. crashes, planned closures, and construction zones. 
Metadata: All Incident  IncidentsMetadata.xsd 24 hours  Returns an inventory of the enumerated values that are held within the TripCheck API Incidents and TLE Incidents datafeeds. 
Local Incidents  TleEvents.xsd 2 minutes  Events occurring on local and county roads as reported by non-ODOT government agencies (ex., Washington County, City of Eugene Public Works). 
Metadata: Routes  RoutesMetadata.xsd 24 hours  Returns a list of route names currently in the system 
Multnomah Falls Parking  MFParking.xsd 20 seconds  Parking lot occupancy and Gate closure data for the Multnomah Falls parking lot at Exit 31 of I-84. 
Road and Weather Reports  RWReports.xsd 5 minutes  Current road conditions as reported by ODOT crews. This includes weather observations and tire chain restrictions. 
Metadata: Road and Weather  RWMetadata.xsd 24 hours  Returns an inventory of the enumerated values that are held within the TripCheck API Road and Weather datafeed. 
RWIS Inventory  RwisInventory.xsd 24 hours  Name and location of all the Weather Stations along state highways and what each station can measure. 
RWIS Status  RwisStatus.xsd 5 minutes  Weather data from automated Weather stations along state highways (e.g. Air Temperature, Surface Temperature, wind speed, etc.) Note: not all stations can measure all types of weather factors. 
Traffic Detector: Inventory  TDInventory.xsd 24 hours  Name and location of traffic detector stations and highway ramps associated with them. 
Traffic Detector: Roadway Data  TDRoadwayData.xsd 2 minutes  Roadway traffic detectors collecting volume, occupancy and speed data from select roadways located in Oregon. 
Traffic Detector: Ramp Data  TDRampData.xsd 2 minutes  Highway ramp data such as ramp occupancy, volume, and metering rate collected by ODOT Central Ramp Metering System for select ramps located in Oregon. 
WZDx Activities  WZDxActivities.xsd 30 seconds  Work zone related activities occurring throughout the State of Oregon formatted according to the WZDx standard created by the FHWA and USDOT. 

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With the TripCheck Data API, you can use ODOT's data endpoints to develop your own integrated applications, like TripCheck, TripCheck for Twitter, or TripCheck TV.


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Build a mobile app that connects users to the latest traffic updates, or integrates with your favorite service.

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Looking for Legacy TTIP Documentation?

TripCheck Traveler Information Portal (TTIP) is being retired. Please update your apps to utilize the new TripCheck API before end of March 2021.


Sample Data *.xml (for reference only, THIS IS NOT LIVE DATA!)

Schemas *.xsd (for reference only)