City of Bend Road Conditions


ORE138, Intersection with East Diamond Lake Highway ORE138 MP 86; Estimated delay of 2 hours or greater
The North Entrance to Crater Lake is closed for the winter season. The other entrances are open.
Updated: 09/23/2017 06:09 am

ORE242, 1 mile East of Intersection with McKenzie Highway ORE126 MP 56; Closure
The highway is closed. Use alternate routes.
Updated: 09/20/2017 12:48 pm

ORE242, 5 miles West of Sisters MP 87; Closure
The highway is closed due to a wildfire in the area. Use alternate routes.
Updated: 09/21/2017 12:03 pm

Road Conditions by Route

No adverse road conditions reported at this time.

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