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Transportation Volume Tables give the Annual Average Daily Traffic Volume (AADT). This is a rough guide to how much motor vehicle traffic is on a section of roadway.

Traffic Volumes Table web page

1. Look Up the Highway Number

The highways are listed by the official ODOT highway number not the route number (Highway 101, Interstate 5, etc.) with which you are likely to be more familiar. To find the official ODOT Highway Number Use the State Highway Cross Reference:

Traffic Volume link from web page

2. Look Up the Appropriate Table

Traffic Volume Table by Highway links

Using the Official Highway Number select the appropriate link [range of highway numbers]

The link will open an Adobe PDF® file that will show traffic volumes on the group of highway segments for 2004 (the most recent year that ODOT has data). If you are interested in a particular section of the highway, you will need to know the approximate mile point to locate that section of roadway. In Oregon the zero mile point is at the most Northerly or Westerly end of the road. Interstate 5 is the one exception: the zero mile point for I-5 is at the California Border. The tables provide some basic location information to help with this task.

Taffic Volume results table

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