What's New

Beta Map

TripCheck Offers Improved Map

  • Wider view - see 26% more!
  • Our map is now interactive - you
    can now pan and zoom!
  • Toggle layers such as cameras
    and weather stations
  • Save map configurations for later
  • View local road conditions (in participating areas)
  • TripCheck is now optimized for different screen sizes.

What's the Plan?

We are excited to announce the "beta" release of our new TripCheck road and weather maps. Since this update is a major change to the way users interact with TripCheck, we wanted to give people time to get comfortable with the new features and maps. Throughout the year we will be continuing to make enhancements to TripCheck, so please visit this page to stay informed. Below are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

When will the "beta" site replace www.tripcheck.com?

Since the winter months are the busiest time for TripCheck, we decided to launch the new road and weather maps as a "soft launch" in a parallel site. This will give users time to explore the enhanced tools and adjust to the new look and feel. We will be monitoring user feedback and performance over the next few months. We plan to update www.tripcheck.com with the new road and weather maps, along with other enhancements, at end of July.

Is the data (cameras, road conditions, incidents) on the "beta" site the same information as displayed on www.tripcheck.com?

Yes, the "beta" release of our new TripCheck road and weather maps has access to the same live production data that is accessed from www.tripcheck.com. In fact, the new TripCheck has more than 25 additional cameras located throughout Washington County.

How do I get to the new "beta" TripCheck site?

The "beta" site can be accessed directly from http://new.tripcheck.com. You can also click the "Visit New Map" page curl at the top right hand corner of www.tripcheck.com and you will be forwarded to the "beta" road and weather maps.