City of Portland Weather Stations

Reports from the ODOT Road Weather Information Stations (RWIS)

I-5 at Portland - Fremont Bridge

No Current Report From This Station.

Last Updated: 07/25/17 7:00 pm

US26 at OR217

Temp: 74.1F, Dew Point: 53.2F, Rel. Humidity: 48%, Wind Direction: N, Wind (Avg.): 3 mph Wind (Gusts): 6 mph, Visibility: 1.2 mi., Precipitation:

Last Updated: 07/26/17 11:28 am

US26 at Portland - Zoo Bridge

Temp: 70F, Dew Point: 59.7F, Rel. Humidity: 69%, Wind Direction: E, Wind (Avg.): 4 mph Wind (Gusts): 9 mph, Visibility: , Precipitation:

Last Updated: 07/26/17 11:20 am

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